The Breaking Free Summit

Breaking Free From Addiction & Trauma

  • Get 24/7 access to 60+ hours of faith-based advice from 44 experts in our critically-acclaimed previously held 10-day virtual summit.
  • Ideal for sexual strugglers and betrayed partners, an All-Access Pass is also a great resource for counselors, mentors, and coaches.
  • Collectively, our experts have 1,000+ years of personal recovery experience and 1,500+ years of recovery ministry experience.
  • Our goal is to educate, encourage, and support you while you’re on this healing journey. You’re not alone. We’re here to help.

There was a lot of healing that took place in my heart while listening to all of these stories because it validated my own experiences and how they impacted me and what I have been trying to help my husband understand but he couldn't.

S.L.Betrayed partner

There is absolutely no doubt in our mind that everyone should buy an All-Access Pass to any of your Summits when available. Now we have all of the material forever, review what we need, digest what we can and put it all to good use in our recovery.

L.G. and L.G.Sexual struggler and betrayed partner

I am so thankful for you both and very encouraged by you all. I'm still sober and have now reached 205 days which is unbelievable. Much of which I attribute to your virtual summits.

J.O.Sexual struggler

Day one was great! Looking forward to this supper lineup of the top Christian experts on breaking free from the sin we're dealing with. The interviews with Stephen Arterburn (New Life Ministries) and Nate Larkin (Samson Society) are worth more than the price of an All-Access Pass.

G.F.Sexual struggler

I feel like this summit was so informative and soothing at the same time. It was the immersion in the truth that I needed. It validated me in my grief, hurt, and pain.

C.K.Betrayed partner

Breaking Free Summit Topics

Gain expert insights and wisdom on these key topics
Breaking Free from Hopelessness
Breaking Free from Blindness
Breaking Free from Isolation
Breaking Free from Secrets & Lies
Breaking Free from Uncertainty
Breaking Free from Guilt & Shame
Breaking Free from Betrayal
Breaking Free from Past Abuse
Breaking Free from Unforgivenss
Breaking Free from a Lukewarm Life

There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that everyone should buy an All-Access Pass to any of your Summits when available. Now we have all of the material forever, review what we need, digest what we can, and put it all to good use in our healing and recovery journeys.

Larry & LindaMultiple summit attendees

Meet Our Experts

We interviewed 44 experts in faith-based recovery and healing from sexual addiction, betrayal trauma, and partner support for the Breaking Free Summit. Click on any image below to learn more about them.

Dr. Ted Roberts

Founder, Pure Desire

Dr. Ted is the founder of Pure Desire Ministries and is a Certified Sex Addiction and Multiple Addictions Professional.
He worked closely with IITAP (International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals) and Dr. Patrick Carnes to create an officially recognized designation for pastors (PSAP) who work in the field of sex addiction treatment.

Dr. Ted earned a master’s degree from Asbury Theological Seminary and a doctorate from Western Conservative Theological Seminary.

He has authored more than a dozen books, including the bestseller, Pure Desire, and the addiction recovery workbook, Seven Pillars of Freedom.

In 2013, Dr. Ted co-wrote and hosted the educational video series, Conquer Series, which earned the highest recommendation for a video documentary from Christian Film Database.

Presently, Dr. Ted continues to write. His most recent work is Connected: Building a Bridge to Intimacy.

Dr. Ted and his wife, Diane, counsel pastors and leaders from around the world who are trapped in sexual bondage.

Jonathan Daugherty

President, Be Broken Ministries

Jonathan is the founder and president of Be Broken Ministries and founder of the Gateway to Freedom workshop for men.
He also hosts the weekly radio program, Pure Sex Radio, and is in demand nationally as a speaker on sexual purity and men’s issues.

He has appeared on multiple radio and television media, both local and national. He has authored Grace-Based Recovery, The 4 Pillars of Purity, Secrets, and other works.

Jonathan lives with his wife and three children in San Antonio, Texas.

Dr. Sheri Keffer, CSAT, CPTT-S, CCPS

Marriage & Family Therapist

Dr. Sheri Keffer is the cohost of the nationally syndicated talk show New Life Live!, with an audience of more than two million people each week on 150 stations nationwide. For nearly twenty years, Dr. Sheri has been in private practice as a marriage and family therapist. Through her own personal story of recovery, Dr. Sheri understands the impact of sexual betrayal and is trained as a Certified Clinical Partner Specialist (CCPS) and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT). With a passion for healing trauma she brings new tools and a fresh look at what’s needed not only to heal but heal well. Dr. Sheri commonly uses brain SPECT imaging, Brainwave Optimization and EMDR to treat depression, addictions, anxiety, loss and self-image issues caused by Post traumatic Stress.
She is the author of her new book Intimate Deception – Healing the Wounds of Sexual Betrayal and is a regular host for the Blog talk show Betrayal Recovery Radio ( Dr. Sheri enjoys the beach, reading, mountain biking, hiking, camping and big game sport fishing, including a 150-pound marlin she caught that hangs on her wall.

Dr. Neil Anderson


Winning the Battle Within (Harvest House) was written by Dr. Neil T. Anderson for individuals or small groups who want to understand the struggle of sexual addiction/abuse and how they can be set free in Christ.
It contains study questions that don’t require self-disclosure. The book includes The Steps to Freedom in Christ that are being used all over the world.

It is a repentance process that resolves the personal and spiritual conflicts which keep believers in bondage to sin and Satan. When that is successfully accomplished, then winning the battle for the mind is possible.

Resolution is based on the believer’s identity and position in Christ.

Marnie Feree, LMAT, CSAT

Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

Marnie founded and directs Bethesda Workshops, a short-term intensive treatment program for sex addicts, partners of sex addicts, couples, and teens struggling with problematic sexual behavior. She speaks and writes passionately about God’s redemption in everyday life.

Dr. Barbara Steffens

Restoration Coach

Barbara Steffens, Ph.D., LPCC, CCSAS, CCPS, CPC specializes in helping women recover from sexual betrayal and is a sought-after speaker and presenter on special issues related to partners of sexual addicts.

She is co-founder of the Association for Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists which provides training and certification of Clinical Partner Specialists and Partner Trauma Coaches.

At her practice in Cincinnati, Ohio, Safe Passages Counseling, she provides both individual and group counseling for partners of sexual addicts and provides partner recovery coaching as a Board Certified Coach.

Dr. Steffens is co-author of Your Sexually Addicted Spouse: How Partners Can Cope and Heal, which has dramatically affected change in the lives of those who are victims and the professionals who are trained to serve them.

Sex addiction has negative consequences for all involved, especially for the partner or spouse. APSATS is dedicated to professional training and certification, public education, and advocacy for the treatment of sex addicts and intimate partners from a Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model approach.

Our model helps change everything about how the person with addiction and the partner are helped and as a result, the couple has a greater chance of restoring trust and hope for the future.

Dr. William Struthers

Researcher, Scientist, & Author

Dr. Struthers’ lab research interests are in the neural mechanisms that underlie behavioral arousal and the processing of novel environments.
His research employs the use of stereotaxic surgery, immunochemistry, and behavioral manipulations to investigate gene expression in the cingulate cortex and basal ganglia.

He is actively involved in the Wheaton College Animal Care and Use Committee and has served as the chair of the Institutional Review Board, committees that oversee the ethical treatment of animals and human subjects in research.

His professional memberships include the Society for Neuroscience, Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience, Association for Psychological Science, and International Neuroethics Society.

He recently received a grant from the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, an interdisciplinary research enterprise based at St Edmund’s College, Cambridge University (UK) to examine the uses and abuses of neuroscience research in society.

Dr. Struthers has also been named a Visiting Research Fellow to Biola University’s Center for Christian Thought in 2014 for his work on the impact of sexual exploitation on spirituality and is part of the Oxford Interdisciplinary Seminars in Science and Religion: Bridging the Two Cultures of Science and the Humanities.

Melissa Haas, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Troy and Melissa have been married for 28 years and have been in recovery from sexual addiction for 20 years. Melissa is a therapist who specializes in working with spouses and marriages impacted by addiction.

Nate Danser

Director, Pure Life Ministries

Nate Danser is the Director of Ministry Outreach for Pure Life Ministries. He holds a BA in History from Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, PA.
After college, he served as a worship leader in a small local church before working at a residential treatment facility for juvenile sex offenders.

In 2008, his secret life of pornography addiction was exposed and was sent to Pure Life Ministries by a devoted friend.

Upon graduating from their 9-month Residential Program, he felt compelled to give to others what he had received and joined the Pure Life Ministries staff.

He has served in the Ministry Outreach Department since that time.

Maurita Corcoran


Maurita Corcoran, author of “A House Interrupted,” A Wife’s Story Of Healing From Her Husband’s Sex Addiction, wrote her book with a passion in mind.
To let women know that there is hope and healing from betrayal and sexual addiction within a relationship. That women can rise above the initial devastation and re-claim their voices in a healthy, empowering way and begin a new day, a new chapter in their lives.

These days, Maurita spends her time meeting with Women, both online and in-person, who are struggling with the very issues she has dealt with and worked through herself.

She has proven to be a very important ‘piece of the puzzle’ in the challenge of understanding the impact of sexual addiction on Spouses.

She is an accomplished speaker and has presented talks and workshops that address the following groups: – Therapists and Addiction Counselors – High School and College Students – Church groups – Women’s groups and Book Clubs.

Debbie Laaser, MA, LMFT

Marriage & Family Therapist

Dr. Mark and Debbie founded Faithful & True, where today, Debbie facilitates therapy groups and counsels spouses who have been relationally betrayed. She speaks at training events and workshops around the country, and is the author of Shattered Vows and co-author of Seven Desires with her late husband, Dr. Mark Laaser. Her recent research project, “Post-traumatic Growth in Relationally Betrayed Women,” was published in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy.

Melody Lovvorn


With 4 kids under 6 and being blindsided by her husband’s pornography and infidelity and nothing appearing as it seemed, Melody discovered that going into and through the pain was the only way out of the pain. She reluctantly chose to embark upon a personal journey of healing and self-discovery. Melody is passionate about helping other women recover and bounce back and believes that stewarding the pain of our past breathes hope into another person's future.

Marsha Means, MA

Founder, A Circle of Joy

With 4 kids under 6 and being blindsided by her husband’s pornography and infidelity and nothing appearing as it seemed, Melody discovered that going into and through the pain was the only way out of the pain. She reluctantly chose to embark upon a personal journey of healing and self-discovery. Melody is passionate about helping other women recover and bounce back and believes that stewarding the pain of our past breathes hope into another person's future.

Bernie Anderson

Pastor & Author

Bernie Anderson is teaching pastor for a young adult gathering, called the Bridge, located near Orlando, FL at the Forest Lake Church. He is the author of the book Breaking the Silence: A Pastor Goes Public about His Battle with Pornography.
God brought about a powerful transformation in his life by breaking a long-time, secret, addiction to pornography while he served in full-time pastoral ministry. Prompted by a desire to help others and to call attention to porn’s devastating impact Bernie continues to openly share his story.

Bernie is a known speaker on the problem of pornography and travels regularly to speak to groups in the US and abroad. He has appeared on Fox News, World News Tonight, and been interviewed by the Associated Press, Newsweek magazine, and Focus on the Family.

He is an avid runner and outdoor enthusiast who loves the Dallas Cowboys and leads an annual men's only climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa.

He has a BA in Theology and also holds a Masters of Divinity from Andrews Theological Seminary.

Bernie is married, and he and his wife are raising three incredible daughters.

Brett Hendrix, BCPC

Founder, Changing Lanes Ministries

Brett is a licensed minister, speaker, Board Certified Pastoral Counselor (BCPC), President, and founder of Changing Lanes Ministries. Using his 20+ year battle with sexual addiction, Brett leads others to a place of restoration and a changed life.
Brett has worked with men and teens struggling with sexual addiction since 2007. In 2014, he left his full-time job and launched Changing Lanes from a part-time ministry into a 501(c)3 non-profit.

In addition to leading small groups with Changing Lanes, Brett works with parents/churches/teachers to educate and equip them to fight for our kids in this digital world.

Brett and his wife Christi live in Oklahoma with their two sons and daughter.

Ben Bennett

Author & Speaker

For over 10 years of his life, Ben battled a porn addiction and other forms of habitual sexual sin. It wasn't until 2013 that Jesus brought him to healing and lasting freedom through being counseled and mentored by Dr. Ted Roberts of Pure Desire, utilizing a Biblical and clinical approach to sexual addiction recovery.
Ben worked with the campus ministry of Cru for several years, serving as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator for Cru’s sexual addiction recovery groups, helping staff and students find true healing and freedom.

He currently resides in Dallas, Texas, and serves with Josh McDowell Ministry as an author and speaker, supporting the health and restoration of men and women struggling with porn and sexual brokenness.

Ben is an author and speaker who is passionate about helping young men and women understand how to experience healing and freedom from porn use, sexual brokenness, and habitual sin. He co-authored Living Free with Dr. Ted Roberts of Pure Desire, which is a year-long porn addiction recovery curriculum for college-age men.

Another work he co-authored is Flesh, a 12-week online journey (available at that helps men understand the battle of sexual sin and its underlying contributing factors.

He is in the process of launching a new Cru ministry initiative with Christian apologist, author, and speaker Josh McDowell. This new ministry will serve the global church by equipping ministries, churches, and organizations to help individuals find true freedom from porn use and sexual brokenness as they encounter Jesus, healthy communities, and recovery solutions.

T.C. Ryan, MDiv

Senior Pastor

T. C. Ryan, BSEd (University of Missouri), MDiv (Fuller Theological Seminary), DMin (Fuller Theological Seminary), has been an ordained minister for over thirty-five years and is certified as a Pastoral Sex Addiction Professional (IITAP).
Having served on the staff of several churches and ministry organizations, he was for nineteen years the founding and senior pastor of a large church in a suburb of Kansas City.

In that role, he supervised professional staff and lay volunteers, and oversaw the development of creative programs of spiritual nurture and creative outreach. He gave leadership beyond his local church and twice served as moderator of his denomination’s regional governing body.

In addition to his ministry experience, Dr. Ryan is personally familiar with the dynamics and demands of recovering from addiction. He is the author of Ashamed No More: A Pastor’s Journey Through Sex Addiction (InterVarsity Press, 2012).

He founded and is executive director of LivingIntegrated, a nonprofit organization helping both individuals and organizations deal with the cultural crisis of compulsive sexual behaviors.

He speaks to a variety of groups regarding recovery, Christian spirituality, and compulsive sexual behavior.

He and his wife, Pam, have four grown children and currently reside in the Kansas City area.

Vicki Tiede, MEd.


Vicki Tiede (MEd., MMin.) is an inspiring Bible teacher, conference speaker, and author. Her passion is to open the Scriptures with women in order to share God’s grace and enduring faithfulness. Vicki wants to know God more, do good, and champion Truth, Hope, and Health.
Living in Rochester, Minnesota, Vicki is a wife, homeschooling mom, and certified health coach. Vicki is the author and contributing author of several books, including When Your Husband is Addicted to Pornography … Healing Your Wounded Heart (New Growth Press, 2012).

Nick Stumbo

Executive Director, Pure Desire

Nick is the Executive Director of Pure Desire Ministries and former Lead Pastor at East Hills Alliance Church.
Nick earned a bachelor’s degree in pastoral ministry from Crown College and a Master of Divinity from Bethel University.

Nick and his wife, Michelle, have helped many men and women in the church find restoration from brokenness.

Nick wrote the book, Setting Us Free, to help others find help, hope, and healing. He also recently authored the book, Safe, which provides practical steps and tools needed to revive a passion for grace in the body of Christ.

Sam Black

Vice President, Covenant Eyes

Sam Black is vice president of business development at Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability and the author of "The Porn Circuit: Understand Your Brain and Break Porn Habits in 90 Days."
He joined the Covenant Eyes team in 2007 after 18 years as a journalist and has edited 16 books on the impact of pornography and how to protect our families.

He has been married for 22 years and is a father of two.

Alex Lerza, CSAT, LMFT

Marriage & Family Therapist

Alex Lerza is Co-Founder and CEO of R|TRIBE, an innovative online counseling platform that smart matches clients to counselors and coaches. He is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, speaker, and author.
Prior to becoming an LMFT, Alex did campus ministry with InterVarsity for six years at several Bay Area universities including Stanford University. This year he’s celebrating 10 years with his wife Priscilla and has 2 children who are 4 and 1.5.

rTribe is the first counseling and habit change platform to offer an innovative smart-match solution (via our proprietary TribeMatch™ technology) to the best-licensed therapists and certified coaches combined with world-class peer support, accountability, and analytic insights.

Finally, people can find affordable, ‘just in time" support and experience deep transformation.

rTribe connects people with themselves, their purpose, community, and professional care. rTribe empowers you to have secure, confidential, vulnerable, and authentic conversations with counselors, coaches, and peers, turning personal struggles into strengths.

Find the honesty, courage, and support you need to thrive!

Stacey Oliver

Recovery Coach

Stacey is the co-founder (with her husband Greg) of Awaken, a gospel-based recovery ministry helping others impacted by sexual brokenness. She was a Worship Pastor's wife for 15 years, all the while not knowing of Greg's hidden sexual addiction which was exposed in 2009. Having experienced healing and recovery for herself, Stacey now walks alongside other women seeking healing, through groups, 1-on-1 coaching, and Awaken women's intensives.

Lori Pyatt, CPM


Lori helps women and couples through Group & Personal Mentoring. She and her husband use techniques from 25 years of research & are 90% successful in helping couples heal the relationship.

Lynn Fox, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor™

In the business world, Lynn was a top sales producer offering prospects solutions to their problems. But in his personal life, he had no solutions to his lack of self-worth that was driving him to escape through sexual fantasy and porn.
Lynn says he felt “second string” until his marriage came to an end and it was then that he finally heard God’s love whisper “You're OK… you may be busted, but you are not broken.” Today, Lynn uses his knowledge of recovery to lead other men who feel broken to freedom.

Justin Hunt


Justin is a critically acclaimed filmmaker who, for the past 20+ years, has been telling stories that have a deep impact.
From his early days at NBC to his five award-winning films, Justin's ability to take big topics and make them palatable, coupled with his revealing interview skills, have affected thousands upon thousands of lives.

His movies have won over 30 film festivals around the globe, earned him an invitation to speak at the Australian Parliament, and brought him the honor of the Arizona Repulic naming him 'One of the Ten People Who Most Impact Their Community'.

He now lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado where he continues his filmmaking, writes for television and recently began hosting a weekly podcast.

Joann Pilcher, CPM

Certified Professional Mentor™

Joann is co-founder of Unashamed by Grace, a ministry focused on helping spouses overcome trauma from their partner's sexual addiction, and also to help sexually addicted women in the recovery process.
She is also a BraveHearts Certified Mentor™ and has completed training from the AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors) on sexual addiction and spouse recovery.

She and her husband have a weekly radio show, have been featured in magazines, online addiction platform shows, and sexual addiction education resources sites. She also works with leaders in parents' online education and protection for children by holding training classes at their facility.

In addition to meeting people in person at their office in Arizona, she also offers online face-to-face mentoring for people in any state or country.

Besides having helped save countless marriages, she's walked with many singles and marrieds through to freedom in this area.

Not only does she have a wall of certifications and endorsements, but the main thing that sets her apart from most people in this field is her personal story.

She's been married to a person who was trapped in the bondage of addiction, where they lost everything (jobs, church, family, and friends) to walking in complete freedom and having a much better marriage than they ever thought possible. Their story gives people hope!

Jeromy Darling

Speaker & Advocate

Jeromy Darling is a singer/songwriter, actor, speaker, mixed martial artist and advocate against sexual exploitation in all its forms. He's a national speaker, singer, and actor, touring the country as "The Spokesman" to advocate for a porn-free society.
He also runs The Salvage Project and performs concerts in prisons, shelters, and halfway houses across the country.

He married his only girlfriend, Gretchen, on Sept. 1, 2002, and they’re currently raising their 3 sons, Wyatt, Wilder, and Wren, on a hobby farm in Minnesota.
Chris is a BraveHearts board member with six years of sexual addiction recovery experience. His heart aches for men and families broken by addiction and he has a strong desire to help them find hope, healing and forgiveness.

Jacob Kissack


Jacob was raised where the buffalo still do roam, on his family's 3000-acre Angus cattle ranch in Wyoming. His adventurous heart was pursued and captivated by Jesus as far back as memory serves. His passion to see Jesus bring life to all was bolstered in his master's degree thesis work on how pornography negatively affects the church.
His 13-year journey with a porn addiction crushed his passion and compelled him to seek true freedom, which was found through Christian sexual addiction recovery.

Jake resides in Dallas, Texas, and serves as a developing author, speaker, storyteller, and evangelist, supporting the health and restoration of men and women struggling with porn and sexual brokenness.

He loves Crossfit, buffalo, and a good homegrown steak.

Michael Cusick, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Michael is a Licensed Professional Counselor, spiritual director, speaker, and author of two books including Surfing for God: Discovering the Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggle and Somebody's Daughter: An Experiential Guide, and having experienced the restoring touch of God in a deeply broken life and marriage, Michael’s passion is to connect life’s broken realities with the reality of the gospel.

Joel Hesch

Founder, Proven Men Ministries

Joel Hesch is an author, attorney, and founder of Proven Men Ministries.
After breaking free from his own 20-year addiction, Joel developed the “Proven Path for Sexual Integrity” and a biblically-based 12-week daily study.

His mission is to equip the church and leaders with the goal of helping 1 million people gain and retain sexual integrity.

Tray Lovvorn


Tray is the Founder of Route1520, a Christ-centered recovery movement dedicated to providing a way home for those impacted by sex and pornography addiction.

Troy Haas

Executive Director

Troy and Melissa have been married for 27 years and have been in recovery from sexual addiction for 19 years. Troy is the Executive Director of HopeQuest Ministry Group, a family of ministries that helps people impacted by addiction experience freedom, hope, and life.

Dr. Doug Weiss

Executive Director

As the Executive Director at Heart to Heart Counseling Center for more than 20 years, I have the opportunity to see many men and women walk in freedom from their sexual addiction. I have also watched many marriages on the brink of divorce begin to heal and become better than ever.

As the President of the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy (AASAT), I have developed the Sex Addiction Training program to train therapists and coaches how to treat sexual addiction.

This program uses my own methodology and modality, as well as my clinical application for treating sexual addiction, providing proven treatment for sexual addiction recovery.

Nate Larkin


The oldest son of a Pentecostal preacher, Nate Larkin graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1982 and spent five years as a pastor before resigning in despair over his inability to conquer compulsive sexual sin.
He then switched careers, building a successful engineering business and remaining active in church life, while his addictive behavior continued.

In 1998 Nate and Allie moved to Franklin, Tennessee. Here, after years of praying, fasting, pleading and repenting in private, Nate finally found help for his sex addiction—in the form of authentic friendship and the safety of a 12-step recovery group. In recovery, Nate began to see life differently.

His circle of friends steadily expanded and eventually included a large group of men with diverse weaknesses—addicts and potential addicts of every description, united by a common faith and a need for true companionship.

Most of these men had not found deep and honest relationships in their churches. Why they asked each other, did a guy have to end up in a 12-step group to talk honestly with other men?

So in 2004, several of these friends formed a mutual aid society for Christian men called the Samson Society.

Nate, who drafted the Society’s charter and designed its first meeting format, has written a book about his experiences entitled Samson and the Pirate Monks: Calling Men to Authentic Brotherhood, which was published by Thomas Nelson in February 2007. (He is also the author, with Darrell Waltrip, of Sundays Will Never Be the Same, published by Simon & Schuster in 2012.)

Nate is featured on the I Am Second website and appears in several documentaries. He is a popular speaker at conferences, colleges, and retreats, and is the host of the weekly Pirate Monk Podcast.

Steve Arterburn

Founder, New Life Ministries

Steve Arterburn is the founder and chairman of New Life Ministries and host of the # 1 nationally syndicated Christian counseling talk show “New Life Live!” heard and watched by 3 million people each weekday on 200 radio stations nationwide and on Sirius/XM radio and on the NRB television network.
Steve is the host of New Life TV (, a web-based channel dedicated to transforming lives through God’s truth. He is also the Teaching Pastor at Northview Church in Carmel, Indiana. He is also the founder of Women of Faith conferences attended by over 5,000,000 people.

Steve is a best-selling author of books such as Every Man’s Battle, Healing Is A Choice, Toxic Faith and his latest books, Understanding and Loving a Person with Depression, Understanding and loving a person with ADD, The Mediterranean Love Plan, Take Your Life Back, The 7-Minute Marriage Solution, The Book of Life Recovery and Is This The One?.

His speaking topics address issues common to leaders and adult men and women, including Take Your Life Back, Every Man's Battle, Lose it For Life, The 7-Minute Marriage Solution, Every Heart Restored, Healing is a Choice, and Pro-Life. Steve’s ministry endeavors focus on identifying and compassionately responding to the needs of those seeking healing and restoration through God’s truth.

Steve has degrees from Baylor University and The University of North Texas as well as two honorary doctorate degrees and is currently completing his doctoral studies in Christian Counseling.

Matt Dobschuetz

Recovery Coach

Matt is a podcaster and coach from Chicago. He hosts Pornfree Radio, a podcast for motivated guys who want to quit watching porn. Pornfree Radio ranks in the top 100 of iTunes in Self Help with over 30,000 downloads each month.
Like many guys, Matt's wife caught him downloading pornography but his wife was gracious. She told him that she knew this wasn’t about her but he needed to get help. And so Matt joined a support group and his journey to being porn-free began.

Bryan Pilcher

Certified Professional Mentor™

Bryan Pilcher is a BraveHearts Certified Mentor™ and the Founder of Unashamed by Grace, heard on Christian radio shows, in magazine articles, podcasts, and in educational and training videos.

Besides working one on one mentoring online, on the phone, or in person, he is also a facilitator of groups and has held classes at megachurches in his city.

Bryan's passion is following his calling to set men free in the area of sexual addiction and has helped countless men walk the journey to freedom.

Crystal Day

Recovery Life Coach

Certified recovery life coach and leadership coach, speaker, author of two books including Dirty Girls Come Clean and 90 Days to Wholeness, and founder of Dirty Girls Ministries.

Crystal Renaud Day is a professional recovery life coach, speaker, and author whose work has been featured in the New York Times, ABC News, 700 Club, and more. She will complete her Masters in Life Coaching from Liberty University in May 2019 and currently holds six certifications including Professional Life Coaching from the AACC. She is also the Founder of Dirty Girls Ministries (DGM). Crystal resides in Kansas City with her husband Tim and two spoiled dogs.

Dr. Mark & Debbie Laaser

Counselors, Faithful & True

Mark Laaser, M.Div., Ph.D. is the Founder and President of Faithful & True, a Christian-based counseling center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, specializing in the treatment of sexual addiction and relational betrayal.

Dr. Laaser is nationally regarded as a leading Christian authority in the field of sexual health and addiction and has authored over a dozen books on the subject, including Healing The Wounds of Sexual Addiction, his 3 book Men of Valor series, and his latest book, The Fight of Your Life, with Dr. Tim Clinton.

Debbie Laaser, M.A., is a licensed marriage and family therapist and has been involved in recovery with her husband, Mark, for over thirty years. Debbie facilitates therapy groups and counsels spouses who have been relationally betrayed. She also speaks with Mark at training events and workshops around the country.

She is the author of Shattered Vows and co-author of Seven Desires with husband, Mark. Her recent research, “Post-traumatic Growth in Relationally Betrayed Women,” was published in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy.

Mark and Debbie have helped thousands of men and women achieve healing and

Jayson Graves


Rev. Jayson Graves, M.MFT, husband, and father, is a former psychotherapist, current Ordained Minister, and Christian Counselor & Coach specializing in sexual integrity recovery and unwanted attractions.
He and his pastoral counseling & coaching team enjoy helping their clients from both a pastoral and personal frame as people in recovery themselves.

Since receiving his Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy from Seattle Pacific University, the bulk of his experience has come from helping adult and young men and with couples and families in private groups and coaching sessions.

His passion is to see people set free from sexual addictions, unwanted attractions, anxiety and other relational struggles through a faith-based approach featuring Body, Soul, Spirit interventions.

Jayson is the founder and director of international pastoral counseling & coaching ministry Healing for the Soul, providing coaching and groups…all over the telephone and video chat, including his first original idea: Teleconference Recovery Groups for men and for parents in recovery worldwide.

He’s also served as the National Program Director & Speaker for New Life Ministry’s “Every Man’s Battle” seminars, Speaker for Focus on the Family conferences, and Host of both “The Blazing Grace Show” radio program and SkyAngel Network’s “PurePassion” TV program.

Jayson is the author and teacher of the theology school course, “Biblical Sexuality & the 21st Century”.

Chris McKenna

Founder, Protect Young Eyes

Speaker, social media and internet safety consultant, author, former youth pastor.

Chris is the Covenant Eyes Marketing Manager and Founder and CEO of Protect Young Eyes. Besides family and running, Chris excels at creating engaging content and speaking to thousands of kids and parents about using technology with integrity.

After 12 years in business advising with Ernst & Young, God led Chris to a full-time student ministry role. He started in 2015 as a ministry to equip and educate parents and teens on the latest gadgets, apps, and how to use the Internet well.

He and his team now travel the country educating thousands, while he also fulfills his responsibilities to create and distribute educational content at Covenant Eyes. As a man who battled porn for years, Chris is amazed at God's ability to turn our misery into His ministry.

Jessica Harris

Speaker & Author

Jessica is an international speaker and author and a recognized voice on the topic of female porn addiction.
Since starting her website in 2009, she has shared her story at churches, colleges, and conferences around the world, helping to raise awareness and provide strategies for the churches to help women who struggle with pornography.

Jessica now uses her experience to help other ministries develop resources and tools for women. Her story has been featured on the 700 Club, and ABC Nightline, as well as various podcasts and magazines.

She is the author of two books, Beggar's Daughter and Love Done Right: Reflections.
Chris is the Covenant Eyes Marketing Manager and Founder and CEO of Protect Young Eyes. Besides family and running, Chris excels at creating engaging content and speaking to thousands of kids and parents about using technology with integrity.

After 12 years in business advising with Ernst & Young, God led Chris to a full-time student ministry role. He started in 2015 as a ministry to equip and educate parents and teens on the latest gadgets, apps, and how to use the Internet well.

He and his team now travel the country educating thousands, while he also fulfills his responsibilities to create and distribute educational content at Covenant Eyes. As a man who battled porn for years, Chris is amazed at God's ability to turn our misery into His ministry.

Jay Pyatt

Certified Professional Mentor™

Pornography was my go-to drug for 38 years. I pushed my marriage to the brink of divorce many times through my lies and unrepentant heart. In 2010, my wife took the courageous step to confront me one more time.
Seven years later we live a life I could never imagine. Our relationship energizes everything I do. It wasn't an easy road, I had to work on many different areas of breakdown.

Now, as a BraveHearts Certified Mentor™, I want to help others walk this path with the support and guidance needed to rebuild trust and finally be free from pornography and sexual sin.

Greg Oliver

Executive Director, Awaken

Greg is the founder and Executive Director of Awaken, a gospel-based sex addiction recovery ministry.
With his wife Stacey, their focus through the ministry of Awaken is on two main areas: providing recovery solutions and guidance for men, women, and couples affected by pornography and sexual addiction; and equipping churches to more effectively shepherd their people through areas related to sexual brokenness.

One of Awaken's key goals is to provide help for sexually broken people while also working toward prevention solutions for the next generation.

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