Get Paid While Helping Others

Become a Certified Professional Mentor

Have you overcome a major life issue and want to help others do the same? Would you like to find a way to earn more income in your spare time?

Now you can do both from the comfort and safety of your own home. As a mentor, your age and experience actually increase your value over time.

We’ll teach you how to launch your mentoring ministry and start getting paid in less than 90 days as a Certified Professional Mentor™.

Online Course
Lab Groups
Traditional Approaches to Recovery Aren’t Working

Why Mentoring?

Did you know that for those taking a traditional approach to sexual addiction recovery – like therapy, 12-Step groups, or accountability partners – only 2-3% achieve long-term sobriety, and 70-80% drop out within the first 3-6 months! That’s horrible!

So in 2011, I began a 5-Year Proof of Concept involving 100 sexually addicted men to test the effectiveness of my new mentoring-centric approach to recovery. I also wanted to see if these skills were transferrable and if you could make a living as a mentor.

The results were amazing! Over 50% achieved long-term sobriety, our dropout rate was less than 15%, and I learned clients were happy to pay me well for those kinds of results. So in 2016, Launch Your Mentoring Ministry™ debuted as our signature mentor training course.

Today, 7 years and hundreds of students later, the demand for both men and women to serve as professional mentors keeps growing thanks in part to the global mental health crisis. Our secret formula starts with YOU – your first-hand experience and desire to help others.

So if you feel called to use your learned experiences and hard-earned wisdom to help others in need, and you don’t mind earning some income in the process, you’ve come to the right place. We need all the hero-makers we can get, and hope you’ll join us!

In it with you,

Why People Mentor

Help Others

If you’ve overcome a major life issue, you’re uniquely qualified to use your learned experiences and hard-earned wisdom to help others facing similar challenges. Here are just a few examples:

Addiction Recovery

  • Porn addiction
  • Sex addiction
  • Internet addiction
  • Gambling addiction

Mental Health

  • Betrayal trauma
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
Why People Mentor

Earn Income

Because you’ve been there, your wisdom is valued by those serious enough about their recovery to invest in it. During our 5-Year Pilot, this is how much income Michael generated in his first 3 years as a part-time mentor guiding men to freedom from sexual addiction.


  • 1 – Launch
  • 2 – Startup
  • 3 – Growth


  • 2-10
  • 10-14
  • 14-22


  • $24,075
  • $71,769
  • $133,334

Get paid helping others as a professional mentor

“A decade ago, we pioneered a new, mentoring-centric approach to sexual addiction and betrayal trauma recovery. Today, BraveHearts-trained Certified Professional Mentors have more than proven their worth serving alongside counselors and other helping professionals who are working to address our global mental health crisis.”

Michael & Christine LeahyCo-CEOs, BraveHearts

Launch Your Mentoring Ministry

Est. training time 12-14 weeks, 88 hours total

Now in its 7th year, Launch your Mentoring Ministry™ is our critically-acclaimed signature mentor training program that will teach you everything you need to know from how to mentor others to how to launch and grow a profitable mentoring ministry that helps people overcome critical life issues.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Lay People
  • Group Leaders
  • Recovery Volunteers
  • 12-Step Sponsors
  • Life Coaches
  • Ministry Leaders
  • Pastoral Counselors
  • Counselors & Therapists

Why Take This Course?

We’ll teach you our proven model and methodology based on 10 years and over 6,000 hours of fee-based 1-on-1 and group mentoring experience that has guided hundreds of people to freedom from addiction and trauma and generated over half a million dollars in services revenue for our ministry.

Whether your goal is to mentor part-time as a retiree or while keeping your day job, or going full-time right out of the gate, we can show you how you can start earning monthly income before you even finish your training!


Est. training time 2-3 weeks, 4-6 hours total

What is Certification?

For those students who are serious about helping others AND getting paid, we offer Mentor Certification. It’s an opportunity for you to get some 1-on-1 time with us as we review and critique your Mentoring Ministry Plan during two 1-hour Zoom video sessions.

What Are the Benefits?

Once we’ve had an opportunity to get to know you personally and review and approve your plan, we’re in a better position to be able to help promote your mentoring ministry. This includes being:

Featured on our main website
Introduced to thousands in our next global virtual summit
Getting leads via your free listing on our Recovery Directory
Being awarded the title of Certified Professional Mentor™

Hear What Our Students Have to Say

Watch and learn from some of our current and past LYMM students

Trent Dollyhigh 2:53

A former pastor shares about his early successes as a mentor and how God has given him a second chance at life.

Jennifer B. 1:00

Jen shares her thoughts about the training and how she hopes to one day leave her career as a teacher to mentor full-time.

Rocky Pisor 2:01

Rocky shares how he and his wife have enjoyed mentoring together since 2018 and are still operating with a full client load.

Greg Bruce 2:04

Greg shares how he felt called into this area of ministry, and how BraveHearts equipped him well for the journey ahead.

Arthur Nisly 1:26

Arthur shares how he went from mentoring part-time to leaving his old job to mentor full-time…and loves it.

Randy Cotham 2:58

Randy shares how he went from part-time mentor to full-time earning more now than he did in any of his other businesses.



Explore the Launch Your Mentoring Ministry™ Online Course

Mentoring Mastery

Mentoring Mastery™ is where you’ll learn how to use our proven mentoring model and methodology to help others overcome life issues like addiction and trauma.

  • 6 Online Learning Modules
  • 87 Video-based Lessons
  • 44 Hours of Content & Exercises
  • 24/7 Access via Laptop or Mobile
  • Prerequisite for Mentor Certification

Check out what you'll learn inside the six modules of Mentoring Mastery

Mentoring Essentials

The Basics - Power of Story - Finding Your Niche

1-on-1 Mentoring

Methodology - Lifecycles - Onboarding New Clients

Roadmap to Redemption

Hero's Journey - 4 Stages - Discipleship & Structure

Group Mentoring

Methodology - Virtual Groups - Creating Community

Curation & Curriculum

Curating Content - Resources - Choosing Your Curriculum

Growth & Self-Care

Tracking Growth - Self-Care - Compassion Fatigue

Professional Mentoring

Professional Mentoring™ is where you’ll learn how to create, launch and manage a successful, income-producing mentoring ministry.

  • 6 Online Learning Modules
  • 70 Video-based Lessons
  • 44 Hours of Content & Exercises
  • 24/7 Access via Laptop or Mobile
  • Prerequisite for Mentor Certification

Check out what you'll learn inside the six modules of Professional Mentoring

Planning & Organizing

Ministry Models - Goals - Strategic Planning

Strategic Partnerships

Prospecting - Churches - Partnership Planning

Client Acquisition

Finding Clients - Funnels - Client Retention

Digital Marketing

Branding - Email Mktg. - Website & Social Media

Practice Management

Process Automation - Growth - Practice Management Systems

Ready to Launch

Finalize Plan - Launch Checklist - Value Ladder

Mentor Training & Certification Bonuses

Mentor Training Bonus #1

BraveHearts Mentors Network

Want to connect with and learn from others like you? Whether you’re a new trainee or an LYMM graduate who’s ready to take your mentoring ministry to the next level, the BraveHearts Mentors Network has something to offer everyone. It’s free for all students and graduates.

Valued at $360/year

Mentor Training Bonus #2

Mentors Lab Group

You’re invited to join Michael & Christine and many of your peers each week as they host our Mentors Lab Group. These Zoom video sessions are an opportunity for you to connect with your peers while learning more about how to launch and grow a successful mentoring ministry.

Valued at $1,485/year

Certification Only Bonus #3

Quick Start Website Template

We realize that using digital marketing technology can have a steep learning curve and be challenging for many of you. That’s why we’re giving you an easy-to-launch and update website template to help you get off to a quick start. Choose from three attractive, proven designs.

Valued at $495

Certification Only Bonus #4

Promoted on

As a Certified Mentor, you’ll appear in our ‘Find a Mentor’ gallery on BraveHearts’ main website. Site visitors who click on your picture there will open your Profile page. This has a link to your Recovery Directory listing should they want to learn more or contact you directly.

Valued at $1,800/year

Certification Only Bonus #5

Promoted on BraveHearts Recovery Directory

You’ll also be eligible to receive a free listing in our BraveHearts Recovery Directory alongside other addiction recovery, betrayal trauma, and partner support specialists. This lead-generating directory allows you to post all kinds of information. Site visitors can also message you directly.

Certification Only Bonus #6

Promoted in Global Summit

Each student who completes the training and becomes certified is invited to appear alongside some of the most recognized names in faith-based recovery in our next global virtual summit. Regularly attracting thousands of attendees, our summits can be a lead-generating bonanza.

Valued at $2,500


Total Value = $6,737

Certification Only Bonus #7

FREE Training, Certification, & Bonuses for Your Spouse

If you’re married and your spouse would like to go through the training either now or later, you’re in luck. For the 7th consecutive year, spouses can go through the training and certification for FREE. You’ll each have your login credentials, so you can go at your own pace.

Valued at $9,731


Total Value = $16,468

Become a Certified Professional Mentor™

Affordable Pricing

Get Certified!

Certification Checklist:

Complete Mentoring Mastery™ Course
Complete Professional Mentoring™ Course
Update Your Mentoring Ministry Plan
Complete Certification Process

World-Class Training for Brave-Hearted Mentors

“The LYMM ministry training has been valuable not only to teach us how to help others but also to reinforce how important it is to maintain my own healing journey. The freedom to work at our own pace has been invaluable.”

Kevin BoothAustralia

“We believe part of the reason God brought us to Australia is to help families experiencing betrayal trauma. This training is helping me prepare for this, including seeing the areas I still need to work on.”

Kerryn BoothAustralia

“The training I received was thorough. From finding my niche to what my expectations should be though to marketing and tracking my progess. I'm thankful for the great start!”

Rocky PisorCalifornia, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a refund or satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If during the first 30 days from the date you sign up you’re not completely satisfied with our training for any reason and would like your money back, we will refund you the full amount you paid – no questions asked.

How long will it take me to get through the complete LYMM training?

That really depends on you and your circumstances.

For planning purposes, there’s about 88 hours of video-based content to watch forms or worksheets to complete. That’s about 44 hours per course or 7-8 hours per module. If you plan to spend 7-8 hours per week going through the course material you should be able to complete a module each week. In that case, you could complete the entire course in 12 weeks.

Of course, you could finish it in less time than that, or take much longer. Since the course is self-paced, that’s really up to you.

How much sobriety or healing do you recommend we have before going through the training?

For your own safety and well-being as well as that of your family and future clients, you need to make sure you’re healthy and have enough sobriety or healing to not pose a threat to your own recovery or that of your mentees.

We generally recommend you have at least a year of solid sobriety, recovery, healing, and growth before you get certified. That being said, if you’re on a solid track to achieving that by the time you expect to be done going through the coursework, we’ve seen some students do that successfully as well.

Even if you have any setbacks or mild relapses along the way, know that you’ve got lifetime access to the training material. So we’ve also seen some students press pause on their training so they could concentrate fully on their recovery, only to come back later and complete the training from a much healthier place.

Do I have to take any quizzes or tests?

No, we won’t be torturing you with countless quizzes and tests while you learn.

However, there are on occasion worksheets and surveys for you to fill out to help deepen the learning. For those of you going on to get fully certified, these completed worksheets and surveys will actually make up the better part of your overall Mentoring Ministry Plan that you’ll be going over with Michael, your mentor, during the Mentor Certification process. So you’ll want to complete and keep up with those as you progress through the training.

Otherwise, these exercises are just there for you as a learning aid.

Does my spouse really get to go through the training for free?

Yes, absolutely! We LOVE seeing both spouses getting trained to help others, even if they don’t start the training at the same time (yes, that’s ok with us, too).

When you first sign up for the training, you’ll be asked to complete an online Student Profile Form. That’s where you’ll let us know that your spouse would also like to take the training, when you anticipate they’d like to begin, and what their name and email address are (so we can set them up with their own account).

Even if they’re not ready yet from a recovery standpoint, they can come back to us months or even years later when they are ready to start the training. Just as long as one of you paid for your training.

From then on, it’s proceeding at your own pace. And with each of you having your own separate user account, you’ll each be able to mark your progress as you go.

Is Mentor Certification included in the cost of the LYMM training?

No, it is not (unless it’s featured as a part of the pricing plan you selected). Mentor Certification costs $997 for you, or you and your spouse if you’re married and go through the Certification process together.

Am I required to go through Mentor Certification?

No, it’s totally optional. And it’s only available to those students or couples who’ve completed all 12 Modules of the Launch Your Mentoring Ministry curriculum. But it is required in order to earn the credentials and be designated by BraveHearts as a Certified Professional Mentor™.

Why should I spend the extra money to get certified?

Lots of reasons, that is assuming you’d like to get paid mentoring others.

For one, over the course of 3-4 weeks that the Mentoring Certification process usually takes, you or you and your spouse will be meeting with Michael 1-on-1 via Zoom to review and discuss your Mentoring Ministry Plan. This plan is mainly comprised of the various worksheets and surveys you filled out during your online course training time.

Michael will personally review your plan prior to your first meeting to find gaps and weak spots, areas that he thinks need improvement or clarification before you meet again.

He’ll go through the same process before your second meeting, this time reviewing your corrected or updated plan, prior to you both discussing them together.

This tailored approach has proven to save LYMM students both time and money in following many of the recommendations Michael has made once he’s had a chance to get to know you better individually and really understand your goals and objectives as you get ready to launch your mentoring ministry.

Only after this further vetting of you and your Mentoring Ministry Plan are we willing and able to award you with the designation of Certified Professional Mentor™ or CPM.

It’s our way of telling the world that we think you’ve got what it takes to be a great mentor and worthy of their investment of time and money working with you as their mentee.

In addition, we enjoy promoting our CPMs to the rest of the world, and typically include our newer graduates as speakers alongside well-known subject matter experts in our highly successful virtual summits.

But we think the biggest reason why you should make the additional investment in going through our Mentor Certification process is to help you accelerate on your pathway to growth and profitability in less time than it might otherwise take if you hadn’t spent the extra time working with an experienced mentor like Michael.

That is, after all, the essence of the value any mentor brings to the table. In this case, the value proposition is no different.

Does my spouse have to pay for her own Mentor Certification?

Not if you both go through it together at the same time. But if they complete the training at a later date and want to get certified after you’ve already completed your own Mentor Certification without them, then they will have to pay their own Mentor Certification fee, which is currently $997.

Become a Mentor & Be Someone's Hero

You survived the hardships, overcame the challenges, and gained invaluable wisdom. Now what? Why not share that hard-earned wisdom with others who are struggling like you once did. Maybe it's time for you to become a mentor and be someone's hero.